John and Felicia Rolfe, Wichita, KS
Reggie & Lisa Davidson of Goddard (Wichita)

John and Felicia Rolfe

John and Felicia Rolfe, Wichita natives, have been married since May 18, 1991, and are the parents of two daughters. John is President & CEO of Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce and  Felicia is a Morning Anchor on KWCH TV. 

When did you meet? We knew each other through our parents, but officially met in 1984.

How did you meet? John was working at a local bank during college. Felicia came into the bank to handle a banking transaction, and they started talking about her high school prom. Felicia asked John about going to the prom with her. While they didn’t go to the prom, they went out to eat a few weeks later and started dating afterward.

Tell us about your first date. We both enjoyed pizza, so we decided to go out for pizza. We had a great pizza and visited and laughed for several hours about everything.

The Turn (how did you know he/she was the one?) We knew when we realized we had many of the same goals, likes, and dislikes. Although we were different in various ways, we found that we complemented each other and found that to be very appealing.

The Wedding. It was an awesome day.  We celebrated with about 300 family members and close friends and had a great reception at the Petroleum Club.

Who’s more social? They’re both very social. However, John is usually always the last one to leave an event, whether talking to a friend or meeting someone new.

Who’s the neat freak? We are both very neat, but John seems to take it to a whole new level. Having areas that are neat and clean are important to him, which probably come from working for the building maintenance company that his parents owned for many years.

What have you learned to appreciate about your wife/husband that you didn’t know when you were first married?

Felicia – Her kindness and appreciation for others.

John – His calmness and ability to handle difficult situations and find resolutions that are beneficial to everyone.

Words of wisdom for other couples: Keep God and your faith at the top of your marriage. Listen, appreciate and talk to each other all the time. Enjoy the fun times and stay close during the challenging times.

Reggie & Lisa Davidson

Reggie & Lisa Davidson of Goddard (Wichita)

Reggie, a native of Tuscaloosa, AL, and Lisa, from Austin, TX, met in 1993. Reggie currently serves as Superintendent of Recreation for City of Wichita Parks and Recreation. Lisa retired as a District Court Clerk for Travis County in Austin, TX. They have two children and a grandchild.  

How did you meet? We both worked with Travis County in Austin, TX, and interacted with each other on a daily basis. I thought that she was cute and got the nerve up to ask her out for lunch.

Tell us about your first date. We had a lunch date at Landry’s Seafood in Austin. During the lunch our conversations were natural and we realized that we had a lot of mutual interest. We both valued family, sports and shared similar goals, career aspirations and built a friendship that was the foundation for our dating relationship. 

The Turn (how did you know he/she was the one?) We dated for roughly a year and decided instead to be friends. Over the next few years, we kept in contact and checked on each other periodically. I reached out and asked her out to see a movie and things picked back up naturally. Things grew and I realized she was my soul mate and that I couldn’t imagine living life without her.  

The Wedding. Lisa’s mother suffered a major stroke and was in a rehabilitation center and she wasn’t expected to live much longer. Her father had passed away much earlier. Reggie decided to have their wedding there in the community room at her mother’s rehab center. They decorated the area and had a small private ceremony with immediate family and friends.  

Who’s more social? Reggie is more social and is involved with volunteering with a variety of different community organizations. He enjoys trying to make an impact and is passionate about setting a good example and believes your actions should speak louder than words.

Who’s the neat freak? We are both neat freaks but Lisa is more meticulous with keeping things in order. I have to watch my steps at home to stay out of the dog house. 

What place within 200 miles would you like to go to spend a few days? St. Louis, MO, for the Missouri Valley Basketball Tournament. They’re big sports fans and enjoy traveling to watch their son, who’s a college athlete, and other college and professional sports.

Who tends to be more romantic? Reggie is more romantic and enjoys doing things to keep a smile on my face. It can be planning a romantic dinner, weekend getaway or surprising me with my favorite snack or meal.

Who’s better at gifting? Reggie is better and surprises me with random orders that magically appear at the front door.

Words of wisdom for other couples? Lisa: Compromise, Communication, Remember your wedding vows, and most importantly have a relationship with God and remember to keep him first.