Kansas City is set to run out of available 816 telephone numbers sometime this year.

In addition to 816 Day and 913 Day, Kansas city will have to find a way to celebrate 975 day. That’s the new “additional” area code announced this week by the Missouri Public Service Commission.  The new area code will be an “overlay” for the existing 816 area code that serves Kansas City, St. Joseph, Blue Springs, Odessa, Harrisonville, Parkville and more.

The new area code is being introduced because the area is about to exhaust available phone numbers for the 816 area code.  All existing 816 area code customers will still keep their current area code, and their phone numbers will not change.

Here’s the implementation schedule.  Companies can begin requesting 975 area code in August 2023.  The new area code will not go active until October 2023.  If you want a special number combination, get in line early.