Kansas seniors may be eligible for sales, utility and property tax rebate programs, but too often qualifying seniors fail to receive the rebates because they are unaware of them or because they fail to file for them in a timely manner.  

Wyandotte County Unified government is offering seniors residing in the county assistance with applying for both the sales and property tax rebates.  The assistance program will run Jan. 3 – March 31, 2023.  Seniors are asked to call 311 to set an appointment.  So far, the filing assistance program is offered on the following schedule: 

Tuesday mornings at the Beatrice L. Lee Community Center

Tuesday afternoons at the Armourdale Community Center

Wednesday mornings at the Joe E. Amayo Community Center

Thursday mornings at the Eisenhower Community Center

Weekdays at the Office of the Clerk (Municipal Building)

Homestead Property Tax Relief 

The State of Kansas’ Homestead Refund is a rebate program for the property taxes paid by homeowners. The refund is based on a portion of the property tax paid on a Kansas resident’s home. Also under the Kansas Homestead Act, the state offers SAFESR,  referred to as the “Kansas Property Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors,”with slightly different qualifying requirements and a different rebate level.  Under SAFESR, qualifying seniors can receive a rebate of 75% of their property tax.  Under the regular Homestead Refund program, the maximum refund is $700.  You can only receive the Homestead Refund or the SAFESR Refund, not both.  

If you meet these minimum requirements you are eligible for one of the programs.  

  • Seniors born before Jan.1, 1967
  • Disabled prior to 2022
  • Own the home you live in, with an annual income of $37,750 per year or less
  • Seniors with dependent minors residing with you.  The eligible minor must have been under the age of 18 the entire year (2022)  
  • Veterans ages 65 and up
  • Disabled veterans or their surviving spouses

Sales and Utility Tax Rebates 

Residents of Kansas City, Kansas 65 years of age or older can apply for a Utility and/or Sales Tax Rebate. If you live in Bonner Springs or Edwardsville, these rebates will not be available.

In 2013, Kansas replaced its sales tax rebate program with an income tax credit, which residents with an income below a certain level are eligible for.  

In addition, utility assistance is available for Kansas residents under the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), a Federally funded program that provides a one-time per year benefit. Benefit levels vary according to the following factors: Household income, number of persons living at the address, type of dwelling and type of heating fuel.

The 2023 LIEAP application period is from Jan. 3 – March 31, 2023.  

For the Kansas City, KS rebate you much meet the following requirements:  

  • Be a resident of Kansas City, Kansas?
  • Must have been 65 years of age or older during the entire previous year?
  • Have a gross household income of $25,000 or less.  

Documentation to Bring 

For your assistance appointment, residents are asked to bring the following documents  

  • Contact information: (Name, address, birth year, phone number)
  • Proof of Income for all living persons in your home.
  • A copy of your most recent real estate tax statement.

Additional Homestead documents 

  • Copy of real estate tax statement
  • The amount of your previous year’s homestead/SAFESR rebate, if applicable
  • A copy of blank deposit slip, with bank routing and account number, for use with direct deposit of refund.  

Additional utility documents

  • Utility of 2022 bills for BPU, gas and telephone landline

For more information on accepted documentation, go here:


Documentations can be mailed to the Clerk’s office located at 701 N. 7th St, Suite 323 , faxed at 913-573-5299 or emailed to Clerkwest@wycokck.org.  The Clerk’s Office will process applications and mail clients a copy for their records within 10 business days of the receipt

Clients should receive their rebate from the State of Kansas approximately four to six weeks after their application has been processed.