A $500 award will be received for the winner's high school artwork.competition for the 2023 SevenDays Celebration.

Kansas City high school students are encouraged to participate in a button art competition sponsored  Seven Days, a nonprofit which works to overcomes hate by promoting kindness and understanding through education and dialogue.

This coming year, the SevenDays® 2023  celebration will take place over a two-week period Wed., April 5, through Sun., April 16. 

A signature of SevenDays® is providing buttons and stickers with designs of each day’s theme:: Love, Discover, Others, Connect, You, Go and Onward.  The buttons and stickers are issued to area schools, businesses, other organizations and the public to help spread the message of kindness. 

High school students are encouraged to enter the Button Art Competition with original designs. The students whose designs are selected will each receive $500!  A student can only win in one category, but they are asked to submit a design in each category.  The deadline for submissions is Dec. 16. 

The winners are selected by a team of local artists and Seven Button representatives.  Winners will be notified by mid January.  

To apply and to receive more information on the contest, go to sevendays.org and click on the “get involved” button.  

“We are giving voice to the high school age students; asking their opinion on what kindness means to them, inviting them to depict kindness through our selected themes and in the genre of wearable art,” said Mindy Corporon, president and co-founder. “These students will make our world more kind and we are providing them the platform from which to do so.”

SevenDays was born out of hate when a White Supremacist murdered Reat Underwood, his grandfather Dr. William Corporon and Terri LaManno on April 13, 2014, outside a Jewish facility.  In the aftermath, two families and the Kansas City community joined hands and hearts to shine a light on the darkness of hate.

For more information, visit www.SevenDays.org.