Evergy Connect, an in-person customer assistance center in downtown Wichita, Is now open to the public.

The Center, located at 111 Ellis Street, off Douglas Avenue and two blocks west of Hydraulic, offers customized face-to-face account support, consultations and application assistance for utility payment programs and resources, self-service kiosks and an array of additional resources including energy-savings tools and renewable energy options.

The day-to-day operations will be complemented by special events for customers that focus on utility assistance, energy efficiency, weatherization and career opportunities.

Evergy is partnering with Workforce Alliance of South-Central Kansas Inc., a non-profit organization specializing in employment and skills training, to provide on-site specialists at the center.

In addition to providing direct staffing, Workforce Alliance will schedule days at Evergy Connect to provide employment assistance to customers.

Evergy’s Wichita Connect is based on the successful Evergy Kansas City Connect model which has provided enhanced service and consultations to thousands of customers.

Evergy conducted customer surveys that identified support for in-person customer service options like Evergy Connect, with 87% of customers in the Wichita metro area saying in-person assistance options are important.

Evergy Connect hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.