The Ashton L. O'Guinn Scholarship , now in its 10th year, is accepting applications through Nov. 15. The scholarship was established by O'Guinn's mother to help keep her son's memory alive.

On April 23, 2012, Ashton L. O’Guinn became Kansas City’s 32nd homicide. Today, his mother, Dewanna O’Guinn still mourns the loss of her son but she is determined to keep his memory alive through service to others with the scholarship that bears his name.
“This year, marks our tenth year of the scholarship. We all still miss him. Ashton was a great young man, my oldest of three children, a college student, a loving son with a huge heart and big smile,” says Dewanna O’Guinn. “Everybody loved him. So, we share that love with others through our scholarship.”
To honor his life, O’Guinn launched the Ashton L. O’Guinn Scholarship Fund, “Mainly, the fund’s mission
is to assist youth and adults in their pursuit of a college degree. But, we also maintain contact with our
recipients, send care packages and encourage them to keep striving for their goals and become life-long
learners,” says O’Guinn.
The program also matches the scholarship recipient with leaders who mentor the and provide them insight and opportunities in their field of study.
Since the scholarship’s inception in 2012, with the support of donors, vendors and volunteers, they’ve awarded 22 scholarships totaling nearly $25,000.
Application are being accepted through Nov. 15, for the next group of O’Guinn scholarship recepients. Scholarship packets are available in the counselor’s office of most metropolitan area high schools in Kansas and Missouri and on the Ashton L. O’Guinn Scholarship Facebook page.
“We truly believe that education plays a vital role in curbing violent crimes. Education provides focus, pride and opportunity,” says O’Guinn.

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