Alan K. Green would make history if he’s elected Missouri’s State Auditor.

Alan K. Green isn’t trying to make history, he just wants to serve Missourians to the best of his ability as the state’s auditor. However, if he’s elected, he’ll be the first African American in the state’s history to hold a statewide office. 

The Missouri State Auditor is the state’s chief fiscal officer, who conducts financial and performance audits for approximately 200 state agencies, boards, and commissions and the state’s judicial branch. In addition, the Auditor also conducts audits for county and city governments under certain circumstances. The Auditor warrants that public dollars are spent properly and where the law and the people legally require those funds to be spent.

The auditor is the only constitutional officer on this year’s ballot. The election is not held in the same year other officers are selected to reduce the influence of partisanship on the result. 

It is the only statewide office currently held by Democrats. Nicole Galloway, the current auditor and a Democrat, decided not to seek a new term in June 2021 after losing the 2020 election for governor to Republican Gov. Mike Parson. 

Over the past 50 years, five of the eight auditors won their first election running on the major-party ticket opposite of the party that held the governorship.

Green, a Democrat, represented Florissant  – a St. Louis suburb – for seven years in the Missouri House. He has also been a state agency director, running the Office of Equal Opportunity under Gov. Jay Nixon, and worked in the Dept. of Social Services.  

He says his experience understanding state budget issues makes him qualified to run the office.

He has two opponents, Republican Scott Fitzpatrick and Libertarian John Hartwig Jr.;  Fitzpatrick is the current state treasurer.  

A lot of their campaign has centered around how independent and free from the pressure of political parties the office should be. In a recent debate, Green said in Republican-controlled Missouri, electing Fitzpatrick would make him wonder “who is guarding the hen house? That is an office that should be independent, and whoever is in that position is watching our dollars and making sure each and every dollar is spent in an appropriate way.”

Some of Green’s other platform items include:  

1.  Advocating for enhanced whistleblower protection.  

Green said he will advocate for stronger legislation to protect and stand up for whistleblowers and ensure they are protected from retaliation.

2.  Fight to expose government agencies who violate Missouri’s Sunshine Laws. 

3.  Increase transparency in how state funds are allocated.

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