The Kansas City Water Service Department’s customer service will be audited to determine if they are providing service to address unexpected high water usage. (AP News)

The Kansas City Auditor’s Office is conducting an audit to assess if customers experiencing unexpected high-water use were given adequate customer service by the Water Services Department. 

The audit stemmed from customers who had received a bill or notice about unusually high-water usage. When a customer gets a notification about unusually high-water use, they are directed to speak to Water Service Department’s representatives or online resources to help better understand the reason for the increase in use. 

According to the City’s Auditors Office customers have complained their needs are not being met when trying to learn ways to change how much water they use or identify the broken water source. The audit being conducted will determine if the Water Services Department provides resources to customers to address high-water use.

According to The City’s Auditor Office, “When customers experience unexpected high-water use, it is important to know whether Water Services’ customer service resources meet customers’ needs and whether there are areas for improvement.” 

The City Auditor’s Office will interview city staff, listen to customer service calls, review policies and procedures, and review documentation and online materials related to high water use notifications. 

Paulette Smith, a representative of the City’s Auditor’s Office, said the audit is currently underway.

“The audit is in progress and we are taking the necessary steps to conduct and review the process,” Smith said. “The hope is to have it released by February and at that time recommendations will be made for next steps.” 

Customers are encouraged to call 816-513-3300 or visit  if they have questions in regard to the audit.

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