While  KCK residents prepare for colder days, BPU offers tips for customers to save on their electric bills.

“We know that using energy wisely to lower monthly electric bills is important to Kansas City, Kansas residents.” said David Mehlhaff, BPU Chief Communications Officer.

“While we are sharing these tips during public Power Week, we hope our community will keep an eye on energy efficiency all year round.”

Saving tips and recommendations:

  • Switch incandescent bulbs, which is an electric light with a wire filament heated until it glows, for new LED bulbs. The Department of Energy reports up to 90% of energy is less used.
  • In the winter time, customers can set the thermostat to 68 degrees and 78 degrees in the summer time to save money on power bills. 
  • BPU emphasizes water heaters are a big energy user. Try to use cold water when you can and turn off the hot water while scrubbing your hands.
  • When appliances are not being used, unplug them. Although they are not being used, they could sometimes draw “phantom power,” which wastes energy.
  • Try plugging multiple devices into a power strip that can turn them all off or on at once.
  • Advance power strips (APS) avoid electronics from collecting power when they are turned off or not in use.
  • In addition there are also APS strips that can monitor your activity and turn off devices appropriately.
  • BPU recommends a home energy audit, an assessment of a customer’s home that  looks at current energy usage and then identifies energy efficiency measures a customer can conduct to make their home more efficient. 
  • An example of this could be an energy efficiency expert who uses their special equipment who may find an air leak that may cost a customer energy and money.
  • Make sure to keep your furnace clean by cleaning the filters monthly and changing them out once every three months. Keeping up with the maintenance of your furnace prevents it from working extra hard in your home.
  • Enjoy the natural sunlight, open window blinds on south-facing windows, then close them at night.