Joycelyn Strickland-Egans, author of  the children’s book series “A Sunday Kind of Joy,” uses Biblical scripture for her book titles because she doesn’t want children to be afraid of the Bible or its lessons. 

For example, there’s “A Sunday Kind of Joy: Philippians 4:13” and “A Sunday Kind of Joy: 2 Corinthians 5:7”

In each installment of the 12-book series, the Kansas City, KS-based author addresses a moral value – like forgiveness, gratitude, accepting others, and more.  Each book has different activities based on the topic of the book. For example, if the book is about forgiveness, an activity may ask you to forgive someone. 

The main character, Joy, goes through life experiences and is guided by adults like her Grandma Ruth, her parents, and others while reciting scripture.

“The Word is supposed to strengthen us and give us a path in our lives,” Strickland-Egans said. “You don’t have to preach to children or scare them with the wrath of God for them to understand what the Word says.”

In writing and marketing her books, Strickland-Egans draws on her background of teaching elementary school for 25 years and her own religious upbringing. 

Her “Sunday Kind of Joy” series’ target audience is children ages 5 to 14, but she also receives feedback from adults who say they learn more about the scripture and enjoy reading her books.

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