He is a father, a husband, a high school football coach, and a teacher, but thanks to TikTok, he is known around the world as BigCamIAm.  With over 700,000 TikTok followers, 220 million views, and a growing following on YouTube, Camron Smith, a Kansas City comedian, is a TikTok star.  

His road to TikTok fame began in 2016, when Smith began posting his “Churchify the World ” videos on Facebook. With nearly 30,000 online views, Smith expanded beyond the web forming a comedy group called “Churchify the World.” 

With seven shows under their belt, the group was gaining recognition around  Kansas City, when the pandemic hit, shutting the skits down. 

“I was sad because the world [was] literally shut down the day before my biggest show,” Smith said.  

That was also days before his birthday, and since he couldn’t celebrate with friends, he decided to create a TikTok video using a filter of a crowd in Beijing having a birthday party. 

That video did well, but when his next TikTok video got 40,000 views, he realized he was onto something.

Today, most of his TikTok videos use comedy to shed light on racial microaggressions that Black and Brown individuals too often face. He incorporates this disheartening truth into his regular comedy posts “Another Satisfying Racial Moment.”    

“We’ve [Black and Brown people]  always laughed at our fights.  No matter how hard it’s been, we’ve always found a way to laugh,” he said.

Although his content is humorous, he’s received backlash, death threats and he’s been called a racist. Despite the negativity from some, his work is popular around the world. 

“There’s been people that have told me that my videos give them their daily serotonin to make it through the day,” Smith said.

A few of Smith ‘s greatest accomplishments include collaborating with comedians like Phil Wade, King Bach and KevOnstage.

For up and coming content creators working to build a following, Smith advises that consistency is productivity. With Smith working 14 hours a day, he still pushes himself to make new content almost on a daily basis. 

Often, he is asked how he manages his busy schedule. 

“I would rather sleepwalk than [to] live a life not knowing what I could have accomplished,”Smith 


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Simone Garza

Simone Garza was a reporter in our Kansas City office. In addition to general reporting on Kansas City’s African-American community, she reports on economic inclusion for the African American community....