Kansas Citians are invited to come out and enjoy local performance and activities, shop at vendors and enjoy showcases, at the fifth annual Troostapalooza, an outdoor festival  between 30th and 31st on Troost, Sat. Oct. 8 from 12 to 6 p.m.

Crissy Dastrup, founder and board chair of Troost Market Collective, said she moved to Kansas city over 10 years ago. When she learned the history of the city, like redlining and the division of the races along Troost, Dastrup noticed the community still needed to heal and wanted to bring a positive change.

“The idea is to bring the East of Troost and West of Troost communities together, and really have them meet, interact, and engage with each other; to become friends and build relationships across the dividing line,” she said.

Dastrup believes these communities really should be able to decide what the future of Troost is and not have the past determine the future. 

Dastrup describes Troostapalooza as a high-end festival that highlights and showcases all the best arts, culture, food, nonprofits, education and others working together. The festival is about celebrating the people, and the community,  as well as building the community.

 “We want people who live around Troost to feel like they can come together and build a vibrant community where everyone is welcome,” she said.

DJ Joe “The Mad Scientist” will be the main DJ at the event and local creatives and performers will provide live entertainment. A few of the participating musicians are Jas Couch, Kye Colors, Love, Mae C and more.

Kids can enjoy a bouncy house and can participate in arts and crafts.  In addition, a kid’s DJ, DJ Fire Fist, will also be spinning music especially for the younger set. 

There will be a big balloon tent with information about an upcoming event in 

December, the Big Balloon Build, t drawhat will draw in balloon professionals to design a unique balloon wonderland.  The concept has only been done in the U.S. once. The tent at Troostapaloza will give attendees a small scale experience of  what they might see at the Big Balloon Build in December.  

Attendees are also invited to see a newly painted mural, sponsored by Spray KC, on the wall of Ruby Jean’s Juicery during Troostapalooza.  The event will also include a farmer’s market and a local makers market features about 90 local artisans. 

Individuals can shoot some hoops by participating in three versus three with UMKC men’s and women’s basketball teams and see Mayor Quinton Lucas show off his basketball skills.

In addition, individuals can bring their skates for skating in a designated parking lot. 

Adults can unwind with some alcoholic beverages from The Combine KC, a restaurant in the area.  They will have a full bar service available for  Troostapalooza guests.

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Simone Garza was a reporter in our Kansas City office. In addition to general reporting on Kansas City’s African-American community, she reports on economic inclusion for the African American community....