The fifth anniversary  Black Women Get fit event on Sat., Oct. 15 will be a full-circle moment for event organizer Terri Barnes.  In 2018, a friend she was walking with told her the founders of Girls Trek, a national walking organization for Black women, were coming to Kansas City to recruit women to join the organization. 

To help build enthusiasm for the founders’ visit, they called on their friends who taught fitness and held the first “Black Women Get Fit,” that drew a crowd of 200 participants. 

It turned out, the founder’s didn’t make it to Kansas City that year, but  this year, the circle will be complete.  Girl Trek co-founder Vanessa Garrison, will be the keynote speaker at Black Girls Get Fit, and event she helped inspire five years ago.  

From that first year with 200 attendees, this year’s Black Women Get’s Fit is expected to attract at least 400 participants who will have the opportunity to participate in 29 unique offerings around the events three pillars – mind, six options; body, 16 options; and soul, 6 options.  Each attendee will be able to select three sessions to partipcate in. Lunch, where Garrison will speak, is the final session. 

A partial list of  exercise and health moving offerings includes:  Bells and Buns, Cardio Kickbox, Chair Fitness, HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, Mixxedfit . Running, Woul Line Dancing, ToneUp-Slim Down and Tai Chi.  

Some of the mind and body workshops include:  Get Fit and Leave a Financial Legacy, Let’s Get Fit by BRIGHTENING your home, Increase your Godfidence, Forgiveness: Releasing the Possibilities and The Way To Peace.

Whether it’s heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or Covid19 – Black women are disproportionately impacted by issues globally. Black Women Get Fit has proven itself to be a valuable and effective offering to spread awareness of and introduce women to life-saving education and physical fitness opportunities!

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Bonita Gooch

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