The commission approved a budget of $432 million even though their estimated income is $18 million, for a short fall of $14 million wit the city using reserves to cover the gap.  

Based on input from citizens, the commission prioritized reducing the tax rate and funding street improvements and park improvements.  

With 72% of the community ranking streets as the most important community service in the biannual community survey, the commissioners approved dedicating an additional 1 mil, or approx. $1. 7 milliont to the County Initiative for Funding Infrastructure (CIFA).   The 2023 budget includes an increase in the street preservation budget of 25% to a total allocation of $8.5M with a target of improving the county’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI_ to a rating of 65 by 2038.

PCI is based on a scale of one to 100, with 100 being a totally new road.  According to a 2022 report, the county’s road PCI in 2018 was 55.  

To fund improvements in the city’s parks and recreation programs, the budget shift a ¼ mill (approximately $425,000) from the County General Fund to the Parks General Fund.  The funding will enable the UG to increase recreation programming, extend the hours of the community centers, and launch a city beautification pilot initiative. Throughout the budget process, the community expressed the desire to have better access to walking and biking trails, park equipment, and youth, adult and senior services while addressing blight.

Other rates and funding 

The Commission approved the Wayandotte County Library Boards budget  as submitted by the board.  Their tax levy remain unchanged at 6.129 mil. 

They approved the budget submitted for the Self-Supprting Munipical Improvement District, that included a reduction in their mil level rate to below revenue neutral  The SSMID, established in 2008, is charged with supporting activities to improve the image and safety of downtown Kansas City.  The district’s signature Clean and Safe  program provides Security and Cleaning Ambassadors within the boundaries of the District.

Sanitary sewer rates were increased 5%.

Solid waste was increased  to $17 per month for residences.  That’s up from a range of 15.40-$16.25.

The BPU Pilot charge remained unchanged at 11.9% 

Kansas Street Bridge repairs are funded with $3.5 million from income provided the County under the  American Rescue Act.  The bridge, that goes east over Missouri River into Kansas City Missouri was closed  indefinitely this summer due to discovered structural deficiencies.  This funding repairs, not replaces, the bridge.  

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