McAfee Pool damaged by vandals

Vandals damaged McAfee Pool at McAdams Park overnight Monday.

The pool was closed Tuesday because of the damage, city officials said.

“This morning I was made aware that this took place at McAfee Pool and that the pool would be closed while the mess was cleaned up,” Wichita City Council Member Brandon Johnson said on his Facebook page. “While we don’t currently know who did this, I am hopeful that we all can work to keep an eye out on these facilities to keep them vibrant and beautiful. I have requested our team look into the costs of equipping all of (our) aquatics facilities with high-quality cameras to hopefully deter this behavior and catch those doing this damage to our facilities.”

City spokeswoman Megan Lovely said Tuesday that the city had not yet estimated damage, which included cracked windows, broken office items, broken locks, a broken fire extinguisher and toppled planters. (update, The City of Wichita estimates damage to be $15,000) 

“Vandals destroyed so much property inside the facility that staff is cleaning up today to make the pool safe for our guests,” Wichita Parks and Recreation said on its Facebook page.

The city encouraged anyone who knows anyone about the vandalism to call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.