Pictured from left to right: The one in purple is TyJanae Hooks, she is playing Evillene. The one in blue is Amaya Starks who is playing Dorothy and the male in black is Quincey Murray, he is the Lion 

Theater options for students in Wyandotte county school district are limited.  However, thanks to a special partnership between KCKPS and the Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts, KCK students are set to star on stage in a production of “The Wiz.” 

The play will include 40 participants, most of whom spent the past six weeks in the summer theater program held at Washington High School. They’ll be supported on stage by a live band and students from Kristi’s Academy of dance. 

Washington High school doesn’t have a theatrical program, so the summer program gives students interested in the arts a chance to learn and develop their theatrical skills. 

“We want to raise the curtains in our neighborhood, especially in our high schools. So that every student from elementary on up through our Community College will have the opportunity to know that performance is a job skill,” said Judi Jones, KATA founding director. 

The play runs July 28 to July 30 in the Washington High School Auditorium, 7340 Leavenworth Rd., KCK. A donation of $10 is highly encouraged to help pay the live musicians for their work.

The Wiz, the rocking remake of the Wizard of Oz,  is a live musical that highlights a story of friendship, family and general concepts of home. A few classic songs like “Ease on Down The Road” and “Brand New Day” will be performed in the play.

Jones said the audience can expect to see a free full-scale Broadway show in their neighborhood. 

Production the showcase of summer program cosponsored by KCKPS and Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts.

Simone Garza was a reporter in our Kansas City office. In addition to general reporting on Kansas City’s African-American community, she reports on economic inclusion for the African American community....