Evergreen Park Splash Pad was one of four new pads that opened in 2021.

With Wichita temperature running way above normal, the City of Wichita made a move to help us cool off and enjoy the earlier than usual warm weather. Today, they opened three of the city’s 10 splash pads to the public. Pads opened today were:

Buffalo Park, 10201 Hardtner (South Central)

Evergreen Park, 2700 N. Woodland Ave (North West)

Osage Park, 2121 W 31st St S (South West)

Remaining splash pads are scheduled to open Monday, May 30. There locations are:

New last year, along with with the Evergree Splash Pad were:

Boston Park, 6655 E. Zimmerly St (South East)

Linwood South Park, 1901 S. Kansas (South East)

Edgemoor Park, 5813 E. 9th St. N. (North East)

Fairmount Park, 1647 N Yale (North East)

Remaining Pads are at:

Lincoln Park, 1323 S Topeka (South Central)

Old Town Plaza, 301 N Mead (Downtown)

Riverside Park, 720 Nims (Central)

Come cool off in one of our interactive fountains during May-October!  The splash pads are open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily for free, but unsupervised fund. Adults as well as children are encouraged to come out and play.

Here are rules that need to be followed:

No pets are allowed

No running, horseplay or reckless behavior

No smoking withing 25 of the splash pad

No skateboard, bicycles, scooter, or similar recreation equipment

No bathing soap, detergent or shampoo allowed

Glass containers are prohibited

Proper swim attire is required.

Infants must wear swim diapers

Do not drink the water

Splash must be vacated at the first sign of thunder or lightning.  

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