The Wall Street Journal and Moody’s Analytics released results for their annual ranking of the cities with the best job markets. This year’s study found that the hottest job markets are in mid-size cities.

The analysis assessed 300 cities and ranked their job markets measuring factors including unemployment rates, job growth, labor force growth and wage growth. 

The Kansas City metro ranked eighth, with Austin, Nashville, Raleigh, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, and Jacksonville, Florida placing the top five. Kansas City ranked ahead of Boston and Tampa, Florida. 

Larger cities including New York taking 41st place, Chicago at 40th and Los Angeles at 26th, placed lower on the list. 

According to the study, the best job markets are in cities with populations under two million and in states with low income taxes. 

The Kansas City metro ranked fifth for labor force participation rate, seventh for change in labor force size and 11th in unemployment rate. 

Kansas City previously placed sixth in 2021, 18th in 2020 and 24th in 2019.

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