A man who was exonerated after spending more than 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is suing Wyandotte County for $93 million in damages. 

Lamonte McIntyre and his mother Rose McIntyre say the Unified Government is accountable for the actions of former Kansas City, KS detective Roger Golubski, who McIntyre says framed him for the double homicide he was accused of in 1994.

Rose has also accused Golubski of sexually assaulting her, which Golubski has denied. 

The civil case is set for Nov. 7.  

Golubski is accused of abusing Black women in Wyandotte County, using them for sex and then informants to clear cases. In the pretrial order, more than 70 women are listed as Golubski’s victims. 

“Golubski used his badge to protect the guilty, frame the (innocent), and serve his personal agenda, whether it was carrying out a vendetta or protecting the drug dealers who paid him,” the lawyers say in the order.

Golubski was lead detective in the 1994, double homicide that left Doniel Quinn and Donald Ewing dead. McIntyre was arrested just hours after the shootings. No one else has been charged since McIntyre’s release from prison.

The Unified Government argues that it is not responsible, even if McIntyre can prove misconduct, since the officers’ actions would have been outside the scope of their employment.

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