At the trial, DeValkenaere testified, recounting the nine seconds between entering Lamb's backyard and shooting him.

Today, former Kansas City Police Department officer Eric DeValkenaere was sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of Cameron Lamb.

DeValkenaere was sentenced to three years for involuntary manslaughter and six years for armed criminal action. The sentences are set to run at the same time.

In November, DeValkenaere was convicted of second-degree involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the 2019 shooting of Lamb as he was backing into his garage. DeValkenaere, claiming Lamb was armed, fired and killed Lamb.


Cameron Lamb and his three children.

Another officer at the scene said he did not see a gun on Lamb. Jackson County prosecutors during the trial also argued the crime scene was tampered with and evidence planted.

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge J. Dale Youngs found DeValkenaere guilty, explaining that the officers did not have probable cause to enter Lamb’s property.

The conviction was the first time a KCPD officer was found guilty of killing a Black man.

Lamb's family

The Lamb family praying before the judge gave a verdict.

DeValkenaere, however, will continue to remain on bond while he appeals the conviction, which means he will not be immediately taken to jail.

Lamb is survived by his three children whose guardians have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners and DeValkenaere.

Lamb’s mother Laurie Bey said after the sentencing that she thought the judge made a fair decision, but that nothing will bring her son back.

“I don’t know that justice can be served on someone who is already dead, what I feel is that the accountability is what overrules everything,” she said. “(DeValkenaere) is going to be held accountable for the crime he’s committed.”

While DeValkenaere is appealing the decision, Bey said she is still confident he will go to jail.

In the meantime, Bey said she wants to keep Lamb’s legacy going.

“I was not going to give up on my son’s case,” she said. “I know he’s proud of me.”

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