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The newsletter focuses on Kansas City news and explains the issues and why they matter in easy-to-consume bits.

 Kansas City readers may have been missing Kansas City-related news from our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Voice Highlights Newsletter. You’re correct!

Earlier this month, we launched The Voice KC, a new online newsletter with a new format. The newsletter, issued Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focuses on Kansas City news, calendar, events, jobs, social blasts and more. Each newsletter takes on at least two Kansas City-related stories and briefly breaks down those stories into quick reads that explain why the story matters, what people are saying about the issue, and more.

“In 150 words or less, readers get a real understanding of the issue,” said Community Voice Kansas City reporter Jazzlyn Johnson. “If you want more information, you can click and read the entire article, but our goal is to make our news easier to consume.”

In addition to the two issues that are simplified for our readers, the newsletter also includes at least three other issues, some of them national, regional, health, business or culture related.

In addition, The Voice KC includes a calendar of upcoming events in the Kansas City area and announcements of several great jobs available in the Kansas City area.

Finally, in each issue, we include either a Photo of the Day, Social Post of the Day or Website of the Day as a source of additional information or for just pure enjoyment.

The Voice KC is part of a planned effort by The Community Voice to better serve our Kansas City readers. In addition to the newsletter, better meeting the needs of our Kansas City readers is also being addressed in our updated website, scheduled to launch in March.

“We worked on building a new newsletter that we feel offers more for our readers,” said Bonita Gooch, editor-in-chief of The Voice. “We appreciate any feedback on the new format and ideas to help make it a better product for our readers.”

Gooch says, based on the feedback on The Voice KC, the Voice Highlights newsletter will be reformatted no later than April.

“We’re constantly working to be better and do more in all areas of operation, said Gooch. “Our readers can expect a lot of positive changes in 2022 based on informed input from our readers. So please reach out to us with ideas.”

Feedback can be provided here.

Calendar items (thru March 31, 2021) email us at Put EVENT in the subject line.

(This is temporary, our updated website will have a fantastic new calendar program.)

Submit story ideas here.

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