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vto event
vto event
vto event

A trio of Wichita entrepreneurs has announced their first in a series of goal-setting and personal development events for 2022. 6:00 p.m., tomorrow, 2-22-2022, The “ Turn Your Vision Into Money” event will be held at the White building, 3219 E. Douglas in College Hill. 

Desmond Bryant, author and poet, said the group will be using Vision Traction Organizer (V/TO), a system for new or small business owners who are open to considering alternative goal-setting methods for their business development and growth.

“The V/TO allows you to identify what your barriers are, write them down, and come up with measurable steps that can start you your path to success,” said Bryant. 

In a nutshell, a V/TO is a business road map that takes you from today to ten years from now. In contrast to a business plan that is more detailed, the V/TO focuses on providing a bird’s-eye view of what needs to happen. The V/TO walks you through a series of eight simple questions and with your responses, you create a solid strategy for where you need to be in 10 years.

“ Not only is a great networking opportunity, but a lot of new entrepreneurs sometimes are intimidated by tons of paperwork and extensive business plans, but after working on it myself, I would recommend it to anyone,” said Brittany Gray, co-founder of Own U’ Style LLC.

Gavin Badillo, a founder of AZ Advisory Group and an advocate of the V/TO process, says participants in the workshop will get a breakdown of the organizer with a primary focus on two pages, your entrepreneurial vision and core planning. 

Councilman Brandon Johnson, who will serve as a guest speaker, will talk about small business resources and Kathy Couch, the founder of the G.R.E.A.N Society, will share information about her all-natural products from food to hair.

Food will be provided by Tr33 Monk3yz Caribbean Cuisine, with vegan options available. 

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