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Some couples might need to have more chats about where they are and where they’re headed financially

A new study released by Fidelity Investments shows that couples disagree a lot on finances and that their major financial disconnects differ considerably depending on the generation they’re from.

Here are the top disconnects between couples by generations:

Boomer couples:

“Boomers are most likely to disagree on what age they plan to retire, which is interesting, given they are closest to doing so,” Stacey Watson, head of Life Events Planning at Fidelity, told  FOX Business.

She said people in this age group born in the mid-1940s to the mid-’60s “need to crunch the numbers to make sure they have enough savings to last through retirement and that they have a shared vision for what retirement might look like—and this is a topic for older Gen X-ers, too.”

Gen X couples:

The Gen X couples, born from around 1965-1980, were found to be most likely to disagree on what their household’s next big savings goal will be.

Watson said that “makes sense, given where they are in life.”

Millennial couples:

This age group born in the early 1980s to mid-’90s is most likely to disagree as to whether they are savers or spenders. 

“Younger couples should make sure they have a plan to save for the future, since they have the power of time on their side,” Watson said. “And also, they should be discussing what future expenses they need to plan for. Is a house on the horizon? Will you start planning a family and saving for college? These sorts of discussions should not be left to impulse.”

Now what?

Fidelity says couples across all age groups can benefit from setting up a financial “date night” for the purpose of getting on the same page, and suggested that Valentine’s Day – after the candlelit dinner and grand gestures are over – is a good time to get something on the calendar.

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