Gary Chambers Lighting Blunt

Gary Chambers is a long time social justice advocate and community organizer based in Baton Rouge Louisiana. With his mission “Do Good, Seek Justice” he’s been leading the fight for a better, more just Louisiana.

Chambers, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the media outlet, has been featured in outlets such as 225 Magazine (2017 People to Watch edition), Wired Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Morning Joe, and Roland Martin Unfiltered for his tireless efforts in advancing the most disenfranchised communities across Louisiana. As an advocate, his work has contributed to advancements in the justice system, healthcare access, and to equality in the municipal contracting process for minority owned businesses.

This isn’t his first run for office. In March 2021, he came in a close third in a special primary election for the 2nd congressional seat held in March 2021. Only the top two contenders advanced to the general election held in April.

Roughly one-third of Louisiana’s population identifies as African-American.  

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