Pastor Carl and Linessa Frazier
Pastor Carl and Linessa Frazier
Pastor Carl and Linessa Frazier
Pastor Carl and Linessa Frazier

How many years together/married? 32

How old were each of you when you got married or became a couple?  Married at 27 and 28

How many children?

3 – LaRonta, Carleigh and Emersen

Where did you meet?

Lord have mercy, in a bar (Adams Mark in Kansas City). I’m so thankful that God took us from the bar to a baptized beginning.

Where was your first date?

Tippins Restaurant. After meeting at the bar, I wanted to see if he’d been listening, so I refused to give him my number. If he’d been paying attention, I’d provided everything he’d need to find me…and it took him two weeks but he did. It was my last day at that job and I was walking out the door as he was walking in. I invited him to dinner and the rest is history.       

Who said I love you first, Her or Him? Him            

Who is the neat freak, Her or Him? Can’t remember       

Who has the craziest exes? Her

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by?

He could actually cook a lot better than me. He laughs about my meals of quiche and salad and his of pork chops, greens, candied yams and hot water cornbread. Let’s just say I caught on quickly.

What traditions have you started together?

On Christmas Eve, we choose two soups that we eat out of bread bowls and watch movies as a family.                   

What is one thing you would change about your spouse/significant other?

The desire to travel outside the country. We’ve compromised and I’ll be traveling with our daughters to those locations.

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