Naomi & Devon Bray
Naomi & Devon Bray
Naomi  Devon Bray
Naomi Devon Bray

How many years together/married?

Together: almost 4 years. On our 2nd year of marriage.       

How old were each of you when you got married or became a couple?

Naomi: “We got together when I was 18 and Devon was 20. We got married when I was 20 and he was 22.”             

How many children?

Naomi: “We are 8 months pregnant with our first child.”

Where did you meet?

Devon: “How we met was unintentional, our parents went to the same church since we were babies. So we grew up around each other.”       

Where was your first date?

Naomi: “We went to the East Warren theatre. I asked him out, by the way, and we went to see Equalizer 2.”

Who said I love you first, Her or Him? Her            

Who is the neat freak, Her or Him? Her        

Who has the craziest exes? Both

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by?

Devon: “The unexpected jealousy we encounter from both our peers and people older than us. It’s not really spoken but you can feel people’s spirits. I don’t think it’s a bad jealousy, it’s just we are lucky to have something right now that others haven’t experienced or are still looking for. Naomi: Honestly, how much more God has blessed us, when we stepped out and made this commitment before Him. We’ve gotten so much favor in most of everything we put our hands on.”

What traditions have you started together?

Naomi: “A small thing we started was making sure to do a designated date night every month. We love trying new restaurants together.”

What is one thing you would change about your spouse/significant other?

Devon: “Her sensitivity and her being gullible in a sense of just having a good, pure, open heart towards people because I can’t be with my wife every step of the way to protect her from others taking advantage of her but then again that part of who she is made me like her.”

Naomi: “I think he can be insensitive sometimes because he was blessed to be brought up in a two parent household and was sheltered from a lot of harsh realities in life, so sometimes we bump heads because I have more compassion for others and their behaviors because I know it’s hard out here, people do things because they haven’t been taught better sometimes. But I believe our differences balance each other out. Some situations require more grace and other situations need to be dealt with accordingly.”

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