Henry & Cherry Davison
Henry & Cherry Davison
Henry  Cherry Davison
Henry Cherry Davison

How many years together/married?     

We have been together 33 ½ years we dated 6 months before being married for 33 years

How old were each of you when you got married or became a couple?  We both was very young Henry being 23 years old and myself was 21 years old, we dated 6 months but knew right away that we were going to make it for a lifetime together.

How many children?

We have 4 wonderful children, 1 son Kevin and 3 daughters Ashatai, Cassandra, Whitney. And 11 grandchildren with another on the way.   

Where did you meet?

We met at the American Legion, it was in June 1988 I stop by the Legion and I saw Henry sitting at a table by himself. I was too shy to go over there so I asked my friend to go over and ask him if he wanted some company at his table. My friend did just that and came back and said he would love for me to sit at the table with him. Still shy and nervous at the same time I went over and joined him we talked and dance the night away.by the end of the night we were both not ready to say goodbye or good night, so we went out to breakfast and talked to the sun came up Sunday morning. We finally exchanged phone numbers and he ask if he could pick me up Sunday evening, I said yes.

Where was your first date?

Henry asked me to go for a walk in the park the very next day after meeting him. He was the most polite gentleman I have ever met. When he picked me up, he opened the car door and made sure when we got to our destination, he got out open the door for me again.

Who said I love you first, Her or Him?

We were at an old skool party slow dancing is when Henry said I have something to tell you, I first thought what now..lol I ask what is it he then said I love you and then he ask me to marry him,, that’s when I started crying and said Yes , I love you too.”

Who is the neat freak, Her or Him?

“We both are neat freaks, but I think I am over the top a little more, I have this thing as everything has a place so if you pick it up, please put it back in its place.”

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by?        

The house being quiet. The peace that comes with when your children are grown and moved out. It is feeling that reminds me when we first met only now, we are older.

What traditions have you started together?       

On Christmas Eve we dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and go to each one of our children home delivering Christmas gifts to our grand children and watch them open their gift.

What is one thing you would change about your spouse/significant other?

Watch more romantic movies instead of sports all the time.

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