Art That Touches Your Heart

Art That Touches Your Heart Dallas is back again this year for their 11th Annual Black Art Exhibit and Sale, this time at a different venue.  Come out and see work from local artists and artists from across the region.  The art of 19 artists will be on sale at City Arts in Old Town through out the month of February. 

Sat., Feb. 5, additional art from galleries across the country will be on sale as part of the exhibit.  Some of the artists and gallery representatives will be on hand to meet from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Some of the artists to be featured in the exhibition are local artists Anthony Dozier, Ray Trotter, Tyleciea Zachry, Lee Jones and Verlene Mahomes. 

IF YOU GO:  Make sure you make it up to the second floor.  There’s more great art upstairs.  

Some Kansas City area artists include: Lucky Easterwood, a realistic painter, George Mayfield a mixed media collage artist and Connie Smith, an abstract artist who works with resin. 

Several art galleries, that specialize in original work by some of the country’s most talented artists will be part of the first-weekend display and sale.    Galleries represented will be from Dallas, Memphis and Kansas City. 

Frank Frazier a talented artist will display some of his work and the work of other artists from his gallery Vision in Black.  Frazier works with collage incorporating “Pieces I pick up from my trips to Africa.” Frazier says.  He uses swatches of vibrantly colored Kente cloth and figurines from countries such as Ghana and Upper Volta, and from the Ashanti tribe.

Waterkolours Gallery from Memphis TN, will feature the work of several talented artists, including the work of sculpture Woodrow Nash, one of the country’s foremost Black sculptures.  His work of African villagers incorporates various styles and techniques utilizing stoneware, earthenware, terracotta or porcelain.  His unique firing technics give his pieces a unique effect that’s been called “African Nouveau” trademark that’s solely his own.  His work is collected internationally by people of all races, from working professionals to affluent sports figures and entertainment superstars. 

The first-weekend art show is cosponsored by Beta Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  City Arts is located at 334 N. Meade, Wichita.  Off-street parking is available in the nearby garage.  

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