cedric at jiac with spd

The City of Wichita has released 10 body camera videos from officers on the scene of the arrest of Cedric Lofton,17, on Sept. 24.  The video also includes WPD’s transport of Cedric to the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center and video of the officers who arrive in response to the 911 call from JIAC staff that Cedric was unresponsive.  You see redacted video of EMS administering CPR on Cedric and interviews by police of several of the JIAC staff members involved with the incident.  You also get to look along — although not a very good look — of the incident as it went down at JIAC as WPD officer look at a replay of the video on a computer screen in the JIAC office.  

Here’s the path/link to the nine videos. https://personal.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=8e6c688b5e6572b1a8aa&fbclid=IwAR3-if9upm_JzIs2VS6bj7A0iUf7vC6ZPurlLId7Rq39CNkedFhpH-W92AU  Click on preview all files 

Here’s a summary of each video. 

1.  Officer 1 (1h.22m)  This video begins with a timeline of the events.  Officer 1 is one of the earliest officers on the scene and this video provides the most comprehensive video of the interactions between the police and CJ at the house.  You see him talking in a conversational manner with CJ, which goes on for about one hour.  At around 1 hour the conflict begins when the officers decide to make CJ get up.   The tussle continues for a few minutes they hold him on the porch until the wrap arrives and they him out into the yard. About 1:08 “Help, you guys are going to kill me,” says CJ. They begin putting him in the wrap. About 1:17 the video switches to CJ at JIAC still in the wrap and sitting on the floor surrounded by officers.  The balance of the video is of WPD officers removing the wrap.  

V2 Officer 10: (8m.32s)  Video begins with ems giving CPR to CJ.  The majority of this video is of the officer interviewing one of the staff members involved in the interaction with CJ.  The employee tells his version of what happened.  

V3 Officer 2:  (1h.15m) This video begins at the foster parents house with CJ on the porch.  This version of the “tussle” (at around 55m) isn’t very good since the officers camera is knocked off. At 1h.10m officers camera is ack on and CJ is calming sitting on the ground in the wrap.  At about 1.14 this video switches to JIAC with CJ sitting in the holding cell still in the wrap.  

V4 Officer 3: (1h.1min)  This video also begins with CJ on the porch at his home but it is much further along in the interaction  The officers are trying to pick him up.  “don’t fight, just standup,” they say at about 16 minutes.  Then the tussle beings.  “I’ll put you under arrest if you don’t stop,” says one officer at about 17 min.  Followed by another officer who says, “Calm down; we’re here to help you.  Why are you fighting us man?”  At 24 minutes the officers arrives at JIAC and EMS is giving CJ CPR.  They continue to give him CPR until at least minutes 36 of the video when he turns his video off.  There are 5 EMS officers working on him and one more arrives.  There are about 6-8 people — WPD officers and JIAC staff standing around watching.  At about 37 minutes he begins interviewing one of the JIAC staff members and you here his perspective of what happened.  At 44, he beings interviewing a JIAC supervisor who was involved in the interaction.  The officer asks both of the employees how much pressure they were putting on CJ while they had him lying on the floor in a prone (on his stomach) position in his cell for about 20 minutes.  To the supervisor, he asks, “You understand why I’m asking you this?  Asphyxiation, because he was on the floor on his stomach for a long time.”  In this video you get a little look at what actually happened at JIAC when the officer takes a look at the replay of the video of that evening on the JIAC screen, beginning at about 48 minutes.  

V5 Officer 4: (1h.15m)  This video also starts at the house, but this officer arrived very late, at the end of the tussle on the porch.  The first 6 minutes are of the officers putting CJ in the wrap and it continues to them putting him in the car for transport to JIAC.  At about 13m the officers are at JIAC and go into the cell and take CJ out of the wrap.  He is not combative. When they leave he is calmly sitting on the floor in the holding cell.

V6 Officer 5: (38m.5sec)  This officer arrives with the wrap.  The video continues through putting him in the wrap and loading him into the car.  At 13m CJ is in the car and this officer is transporting him to JIAC.  They arrive at about 24m in the video, carry him into JIAC and place him on the floor in the holding cell:  About 31m they being the process of taking the wrap off. 

V7 Officer 5 (52m.57s)  This officer arrives at the house and CJ is almost in the wrap.  At 7m38s the video switches to JIAC and EMS is giving CJ CPR.  At 27 minutes EMS has CJ off the floor and on a cart for transport to the hospital.  They begin getting information from JIAC and Detention Center Staff at about 32 minutes and he spends the rest of the video interviewing one member of the detention staff.  You hear his version of what happened.

V8 Officer 7 (33m.25s)  This video begins at JIAC. This video takes place after EMS has left to transport CJ to JIAC.  The video is about the process of the WPD getting a copy of the JIAC video downloaded off of the JIAC computer. 

V9 Officer 8 (42m30s) This video is totally about EMS arriving, their work on CJ at JIAC, and transporting him to the hospital.  EMS arrives at about 1m at about 32m they begin transport and 37 min arrive at the hospital. 

V10 Office (10m31s) This video is WPD interviewing one of the supervisors at the detention center.    

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