As much as we try, it’s hard for us to predict which of the thousands of stories we report on or share will catch the most attention. They’re not always our favorites or the ones we feel are the most impactful, but there’s something about them that obviously caught on, since these stories generated the most page views in 2021 on our website

Since a lot of people find our stories through our social media posts, we realize this list is heavily impacted by the interest of our “friends,” their friends, the lack or abundance of hot news stories that day, the time of day the stories were posted and even the weather. What we’re saying is there’s nothing particularly scientific about this list, but we feel it’s a fair representation of the whole of our stories this year.

Like our print edition, there’s a mix of state, local, and national news. Black-Business related stories were popular as were social justice issues. We were also pleased with how well a few of our Black History stories placed.

We’re made it easy for you to read any of these stories by compiling them on one page on our website under a Year-end-Review tab.