Evergy hopes to help Missouri customers reduce their bill while creating more efficient, healthy and comfortable homes through their new Pay As You Save (PAYS) program.

The company will cover all or most of the upfront costs needed to install energy efficient equipment in your home. Evergy will then recover the costs for the upgrades overtime by placing a fixed monthly PAYS charge on your utility bill that is less than the estimated annual savings.

Since the new energy efficient upgrades saves money by using less energy, your annual bill should be lower than before. The program enrollment period will begin Sept. 2021 through Sept. 30, 2022.

Energy efficiency programs like this one helps Evergy to reach their carbon reduction goals. Efficiency upgrades can be costly, so PAYS provides an opportunity to make major improvements to their home while helping to lower their bill at the same time.

There are no loan, debt, or credit requirements to participate in the program. The monthly charge to your bill that is less than the estimated annual savings is fixed to the metered location, and does not follow you should you move.


Participation is open to all Missouri residential homeowners and renters (with owner consent), including

those in apartments or condos. Mobile home customers can participate, but must be on a permanent foundation and cannot be more than 25 years old.

Regardless of the structure type, the home must be free of structural, health, or safety concerns that could prevent an installed upgrade from functioning in the home for the upgrades’ expected lifetime (mold, foundation concerns, water damage, missing roof sections).

Get Started

Fill out an interest form to schedule a free home energy assessment, which also includes free installation of energy saving measures such as LED bulbs, smart power strips, faucet aerators and more.

If your home is eligible for more upgrades, you’ll also receive a detailed audit and a customized plan outlining the energy saving measures offered through PAYS. If you like the plan, an authorized contractor will perform the installation.

Customer payment history does not affect eligibility for the PAYS program.

Upgrades that are offered at no charge with participation include:

• Low flow Showerheads

• Faucet aerators

• Water heater wraps

• Standard LED lights

• Smart Power Strips

Additional cost-effective measures paid for upfront by Evergy through PAYS include:

• HVAC upgrade

• Attic Insulation

• Air sealing

• Duct sealing

• Heat Pump water heaters

• Smart Thermostats

What does cost-effective mean?

For your offer to be considered “cost effective,” the estimated bill savings from the installation of the

upgrades must be more than the cost to install them over a term of no more than 12 years. To ensure the measures installed through PAYS are “cost effective,” Evergy will help fund the upfront costs as long as the cost of the equipment and installation are no more than 80% of the estimated annual bill savings over a 12-year period.

What happens if my offer is not fully cost effective?

If the total cost of the recommended upgrades exceeds the estimated savings as described above, then customers will have the option to pay a co-pay, which is a portion of the total project cost you pay directly to the contractor performing the work.

Evergy will then pay the contractor the remaining balance.

There is no cost if the customer decides to not move forward with the upgrades.

The PAYS program does not guarantee bill savings. The net result of participating in the PAYS program is that the annual bill should be lower than it would have been without the upgrades. The PAYS program cannot guarantee a certain level of energy savings since changes in weather, occupant behavior, or changes in energy rates, can and will always affect the total bill amount.

The PAYS program will apply any existing Evergy rebates on insulation, air sealing, and HVAC upgrades. This helps reduce the overall project cost.

What happens if I move?

The monthly PAYS charge applies to your current residence, so once you move, you’re no longer responsible to pay the bill at that location. Instead, whoever lives there next will simply continue to pay the bill and as part of it, the monthly PAYS charge.

Homeowners and landlords are responsible to inform the next owner or tenant of their responsibilities and have them sign an Efficiency Upgrade Notice explaining the PAYS upgrades installed at that location prior to executing a lease or sale.

Learn more about PAYS

Call 855-907-6930 (toll-free) Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or visit evergy.com/PAYS.

Call a Participant Relationship Specialist if you are a current PAYS customer at 877-987-7112 (toll-free) Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If a customer falls behind on their bill, Evergy encourages them to reach out to immediately so that they can provide the most assistance possible. Contact Evergy at 1-888-471-5275.

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