Marquan Teetz, CJ’s brother watched the video of actions that took place at the Juvenile Intake Center the night CJ was seriously harmed.  In his words, here’s what he saw on the video. 

He was in a solitary confinement type room for about 20 minutes after being let out of the wrap and then they let him out of there.  They were already taking someone, so they intake the other boy and then it was Cedric’s turn.  Then it was Cedric’s turn. Cedric was supposed to sit in the chair but he’s just standing next to the chair. The chubby White due that works behind the desk he just keeps trying to tell him to sit down.  There’s no audio, but can kind of get what it seems.  You can just tell he’s like, I’m just gonna stand.  So, this goes on for about 40 minutes, he just keeps saying it, over and over. 

Cedric has no shoes on and he’s on that slippery floor.  So, the chubby fat guy comes from behind the desk to confront Cedric, he says like sit down, sit down. Cedric has a hoodie that’s in the chair and the dude just snatches it and throws it behind the desk. 

Cedric has his arms out like, man just leave me alone, that’s what it looks like. 

They were trying to book him for the three charges of battery, even though the original call wasn’t for nothing like that, but he picked up those charges. 

Then a juvenile correction officer comes out and he’s standing like seven feet away from Cedric and now the other dude keeps coming up on him and Cedric backs up to the wall and the dude gets closer and closer and he’s like right up to him, like face to face.  He keeps saying sit down. Cedric backs up turns around and walks towards the front. 

As soon as Cedric takes a step a way, the big dude just straight up tackles him.  Cedric slips, because he has no shoes on already, he doesn’t really fall all the way. Cedric catches his balance and the dude is trying to bring him down and Cedric just punches him in the face. 

The officer that was like 7 ft away comes up and they like put him in a corner.  The other officer keeps pushing him up and throwing him down.  He did it like once or twice, while he was being handcuffed.  That’s how he got the damage to his face. Like it only took them like not even a minute, they already got him in the corner.  They already got him like arrested or whatever.  But the big dude just sits on him.  He just sitting on him for about 25 minutes and it just looks as if Cedric dies of suffocation. 

The next thing they don’t even call an ambulance or 911, they try to hurry up and call for someone to do CPR.  And then they try to do CPR for like 20 minutes, while he’s handcuffed behind his back and his ankles are handcuffed as well. 

Then like at 5:05 a.m., but it seems like they finally make the call, and like 5:15 the ambulance is there.  They got there and they’re trying to do CPR for about 10 minutes then they just took him. 

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