rhonda green
rhonda green

Rhonda Green’s novel, Surviving The Sunrises & Sunsets, is a combination of stories that tells the readers about the ups and downs of her life and serves as a guide to navigating their life journey. Each story has a lesson from her experiences, some funny and empowering, while others touch on more serious topics.  

Green has survived it all, marriage, two divorces, mental and physical abuse, traveling, and dating.  They are all part of the sunrises, sunsets, and lessons learned Green shares in the book.  Sunrises speak to the hope and celebration for the day to come, and sunsets reflect surviving the day that passed. 

“Surviving The Sunrises & Sunsets” was an excellent collection of several short stories. Very well written with vivid word pictures that almost put you into the scene being painted. My favorite part of each short story is the lesson learned. Each of these stories is a true story that occurred in the author’s life with many life lessons learned,” wrote Ron, an Amazon reader.

Growing up a librarian’s daughter, Green always dreamed of telling her story in a book and becoming a publisher one day. Although she spent 40 years as an aircraft engineer, in her time, Green has been telling her life story as an active member of Toastmasters. 

During her years with Toastmasters, she would use her experiences to create speeches she would share within her clubs and in the Humorous Category competition at the club’s International Speech Contests. In 2020 she joined a club in Las Vegas, Nevada, called the Authors and Aspiring Authors Toastmasters club. 

Struggling to finish her novels, The club introduced Green to National Novel Writing Month, and she took up the challenge and began to write her first book.

In August, Green released Surviving The Sunrises & Sunsets, with plans to turn the novelinto a series.

You can hear the talented author and storyteller on stage at the Midwest Black Book A-fair on Sun., Oct. 17.  Her books can also be purchased through online book sites. 

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