desmond bryant
desmond bryant

In times of personal struggle, an author who can speak to their story of triumph over tragedy can provide individuals in need inspiration to overcome their battles. In Better Days in 90 Days: Secrets, Tips & Cheat Codes, Desmond “Des The Poet” Bryant shares his tips to success in life while also sharing his personal journey overcoming poverty, drug-addicted parents, and street life.

“Sometimes we go the wrong path, and we feel like there’s no way out. So I put my stories of personal triumph in the book so people can be like, ok, these stories are familiar, and I see Desmond could make it out, so maybe I can too,” said Bryant.

In Better Days in 90 Days: Secrets, Tips & Cheat Codes  Bryant’s shares his efforts to get his name removed from the Wichita Police Department’s Gang List. The list consists of gang members and people WPD suspects are gang members even if they have not been convicted of a crime.

The book also includes credit repair tips, how to start a company, and the ultimate cheat code on how to create your very own ebook and promote it within 90 days.

Bryant released the book on August 23rd, 90 days after the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death. He says it was his late mother who inspired him to write the book.  

“My mom used to tell me, all the time, ‘write the book.’ She’d ask me, ‘What are you waiting for? I ain’t going to be here forever,’” Bryant recalls.

Bryant hopes to expand Better Days in 90 Days: Secrets, Tips & Cheat Codes into a program that will teach others how to set goals in life and follow through on them appropriately.

Stop by and check out Des at the Black Book A-Fair on Sun., Oct. 17.  His book is also available from online book vendors. 

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