pamela roberts
pamela roberts
pamela roberts
pamela roberts

Author Pamela Roberts believes in the power of praying God’s word and the strength and healing that it provides. Just Pray The Word, Vol 1 is a collection of 21 God-inspired prayers written by Roberts that demonstrate hope, peace, guidance, and love. 

“I want my books to let people know you’re not in this alone, and we always have the word of God. That is our comfort. It has everything that we need if we just trust in the word,” said Roberts.

Roberts found the motivation for writing Just Pray The Word, Vol 1 after being divorced by her husband of 32 years and trying to start her life all over again. The book’s first half tells the story of Robert’s divorce and her mental state during it all, while the second half is the prayers that helped her persevere. 

“ I wanted to tell the story of how I made it through all the trials and ordeals that I went through during those years and why I wanted to open up about it in a book. I then followed up by publishing the first 20 prayers in my journal,” said Roberts.

After a strong push from readers of Just Pray The Word, Vol 1, Roberts decided to write Volume 2, the continued journey of the author’s “new normal” in life and her prayers to reclaim peace, power, and purpose after unforeseen tragedies. 

Born in a Christian-based family, where many of her family members were pastors and deacons, Roberts says all she’s ever known is the church. Learning to read, meditate, and pray at a young age helped her deal with life and ultimately became the inspiration for writing the Just Pray The Word series. 

Roberts remains active in the church and is a proud member of St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church, Wichita. 

Roberts will be selling copies of her books at the Midwest Black Book A-Fair on Sun., Oct. 17.  Come out and support her and the other authors.  Volume 1 can also be purchased from online booksellers. Limited copies of Volume 2 will be available at the fair.

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