misty colbert
misty colbert

Royalty Is Fed Up! is a heartfelt message to Black and Brown girls to embrace their unique beauty and be confident. Royalty Is Fed Up!, written by Misty Colbert, is a kid-friendly tale about self-love, a celebration of Black joy, and ethnic representation in a relevant and engaging way.

Inspired by her own life, Colbert tells the story of Royalty, a teenage girl who finds the courage to stand up for herself despite being bullied and ridiculed. Royalty wakes up on a mission, and with the perfect outfit and her newfound confidence, she is determined to be heard.

“Although the book was made for children, I want to encourage families to read this book because it’s written to touch everybody’s heart and to spark conversations with our children,” said Colbert.” Parents need to pay attention to the children that they’re around because we often overlook stuff when it’s right there in our face.” 

Born in Wichita, Colbert was raised by a big farm family, often gathering together at family events and telling stories. She took all that she learned from her family and used it when raising her three children, encouraging them to be more creative storytellers. 

Colbert is currently working on a new book in the Royalty series titled Royalty Loves Her Hair, which addresses the self-esteem issues minority women often have regarding beauty.

Stop by Colbert’s table at the Midwest Black Book A-Fair to learn what Royalty is up to next and follow Royalty online at JBYS Creations at www.jbyscreations.com.

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