dana mccall
dana mccall

Determined to make a positive change in the lives of Black boys, Dana McCall, a retired Army Veteran, and mother of three boys, released Good Day, a children’s book that teaches kids how to address and deal with the stresses of everyday life.

In the morning, The main character Prince tells himself, “TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY!” and the affirmation proves true, as he faces many challenges throughout the day, and yet still has a positive outlook. 

“Good Day pushes resiliency, teaching our children that problems in life are going to happen. The big thing is to handle it, but do not let it ruin your opportunity to have a good day still,” said McCall.  

After returning to Wichita from the military, McCall realized her natural gift for teaching and wanted to share these teachings with other black families. As a result, she founded the Legacy of Negasi Publishing Company which focuses on publishing books to support the positive representation of the black family with a focus on black boys. 

Negasi translates from Ethiopian origins to “Royalty” or “He will wear a crown.”

McCall and her husband are committed to combating statistics that say black boys can’t read. The Black Star Project published findings in 2020 that showed 10% of eighth-grade Black boys in the U.S. are considered “proficient” in reading, and in urban areas like Chicago and Detroit, that number was even lower.

“The best way to get someone to read is to appeal to the person by identity or interest. Our answer is to provide a proper representation of self and cultural experiences,” said McCall. “We show black children flying without a ball, and we assert that black children are Kings outside of music and sports.” 

McCall considers herself an advocate for change and promoting a positive image of the black family through early childhood education. Her first novel, These Hugs Are My Hugs, teaches children about acceptable ways to greet and be greeted by loved ones and teaching them how to advocate for themselves. 

To learn more about McCall and the Legacy of Negasi’s work, visit https://legacyofnegasi.com/

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