ahlberg hall
ahlberg hall
ahlberg hall
ahlberg hall

In an effort to provide the Wichita community with access to more mental health counseling, in June, the Wichita State Clinical Mental Health Department opened the WISE Play Therapy and Counseling Clinic to provide clients a range of mental health service options at no cot. 

Client Services Include:

  • Adult and Adolescent Counseling

  • Parent Support

  • Child Play Therapy

  • Group Counseling

  • Counseling Individuals with Disabilities

  • Counseling Athletes

The state of mental health in the United States has become an increasingly critical concern as rates of depression and anxiety have gradually increased over the past decade, only to be exacerbated by the emergence of the pandemic. 

“There were two motivations behind opening the clinic. One was we, as the faculty, had a strong desire to serve the community. The second motivation was that we needed a good training base for our students to see clients,” said Dr. Jody Fiorini, Professor & Department Head for School of Psychology. “At the same time, we could supervise them, and the university very graciously agreed to renovate some space and turn it into a clinic for us.”  

Dr. Mahsa Maghsoudi
Dr. Mahsa Maghsoudi

The WISE Clinic is open Monday-Friday from 3-9 p.m. and is located at 209 Ahlberg Hall on the WSU’s main campus, across the street from the dental health clinic on Wushock Dr. 

The WISE Clinic focuses more on the client’s internal strengths and resourcefulness in dealing with issues. WSU’S professional counselors and clinical mental health students work together to help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems while students fulfill their practicum requirements for their coursework.  

A practicum provides the opportunity to integrate and apply classroom learning in a hands-on public health work environment, enabling students to observe and learn from professionals in the field.

Visitors do have the option of speaking solely to a professional counselor. Still, the staff recommends against this since one of the reasons behind the clinic’s opening was to allow students an opportunity to learn. 

“We have a good number of counselors on staff, so there is no waitlist, clients can be sure that they’re receiving quality services, and if there’s a need for someone with more experience, faculty is always on-site, so there’s always somebody else to help out,” said Dr. Mahsa Maghsoudi Assistant Professor, Counselor- Clinical Mental Health.

Call (316)-978-7529 or fill out a brief form on their website to schedule an appointment @ www.wichita.edu/academics/applied_studies/wise-clinic/wise-clinic-contact-form.php.

 If you arrive before 5 p.m, clients must park in reserved spaces in Lot 6 or have a permit. No parking permit is required after 5:00 p.m.

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