Rudy Love on stage
Rudy Love on stage

During a special Wichita screening of  “This Is Love,” a documentary about Wichita musician Rudy Love, Sedgwick County and the State of Kansas honored Rudy with a proclamation declaring it Rudy Love Day.  Surrounded by adoring fans and many talented Love family members, everyone was excited as he accepted the honors.  

The ailing soul singer was rolled on stage in a wheelchair to accept both proclamations quietly.  You could tell he was taking in love being shown to him.  Even though he was wearing a mask, you could tell his face was lit up with a smile.  

In case you missed it: July 21 was  Rudy Love Day in Sedgwick County, and July 25 was Rudy Love Day in Kansas. Rudy also recieved a proclmation from Senator Faust Goudeau.

Mayor Whipple honored Rudy with a City of Wichita medallion and a certficate of distinguished recogonition for his extraordinary contribution to the music world.

The screening of this is love, and the awarding of the proclamations all took place on Sun., July 25 at the Wave in downtown Wichita.  Following the screening, There was a live musical performance by Rudy Love Jr. and DJ Carbon. Rudy didn’t stay around to share a song, but the rest of the Love family hit the stage with a vengeance. Rudy Jr was joined on stage by Bob Love, and the Love sisters took the stage as well.  Can we say they would have made Rudy proud?    

rudy love jr
rudy love jr

“This is Love” celebrates Rudy’s life and music. While Rudy has a large following in Wichita, the multi-talented composer struggled for decades to break into the national music scene. However, he has written songs for renowned singers such as Little Richard and Ray Charles. 

Since the 1960s, Rudy Love and the Love Family have been Wichita favorites. He and his twelve siblings were all naturally talented musicians. Bob Love, their father, was a gifted vocalist and one-half of the 50s duo Levels.

The movie highlights decades of racism in the music industry and how unscrupulous people in the music industry hijacked many African American artists’ work, and profited millions of dollars off their work, and the originators made none.   It includes interviews with several legendary artists, including George Clinton and Mick Fleetwood and comedian Sinbad.

Rudy was signed to Calla Records in 1975 and 76, where he released several charting songs, including  fan-favorite “Does Your Mama Know” and “This Song is for You.”  Rudy wrote the hit song “Hey Sister, I’m Your Brother” at Calla for the Persuaders’ All About Love album. He later joined Motown West and South as a demo vocalist, working with producers Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford. He then spent ten years with Sly Stone as a bandleader and manager.

Rudy finally returned to Wichita and performed at local festivals and gatherings, including the annual A Family Affair Celebration, and even broadened his horizons by writing play scripts.

“This is Love”  has been screened at several film festivals and received many awards, including the Spirit Award at Raindance in London and Best International Documentary at the Rome Independent Film Festival.

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