ian demory
ian demory

Ian Demory, one of six candidates vying for the open District 3 seat on the Wichita City Council, prides himself on being a family-oriented man who believes education will play a large role in creating change for  the district.  

“ I believe it’s the role of the city council to act as a public servant and aide; to work for the people, not the other way around,” said Demory. “As a councilman, I promise to work with you, steering clear of special interest groups and party influence.” 

The nonpartisan primary elections will be held on Tues., Aug. 3. The two candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the general election on Tues., Nov. 2.

Demory was born into a military family dedicated to serving his community and hopes to continue his family’s history of service as a city council member. A Fine Arts professor at Wichita State, he believes his preparation and ability to work with diverse groups as a teacher will aid him as a council member 

Demory has emphasized the importance of developing south Broadway Street and says he will reveal his plans to turn Broadway into a  “Historic 81 Auto District” after the August 3 primary.  

Demory’s campaign platform focuses on five main areas he says he’ll get to work on “day one” if elected.  

Business & Corporate Development – Find ways to increase business traffic in District 3 by supporting local and neighborhood businesses, restaurants, etc. He also hopes to help grow downtown Wichita including opening a market and to find ways to attract and maintain young professionals in Wichita.  

Education– Increase after-school and adult satellite services centers for tutoring and continuing education, including adding shuttle services.  

Infrastructure– Ensure that funds are properly distributed to aid in updating the city’s  infrastructure.

Safety– Improve communication between police with the neighborhoods and provide more funding for social workers to help with de-escalating situations.  

Health– Increase in availability of satellite stations slash facilities for low-income individuals. Update citywide drug counseling slash rehabilitation centers

Human Rights/Equality– Create centers for LGBTQ plus and minority outreach/mentorship, and improve cultural education as a way to decrease/eliminate discriminatory practices. 

For more information or to donate to Demory’s campaign, go to demoryforwichita.com.

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