President Joe Biden has dubbed

June a “month of action” to

boost Covid-19 vaccination rates

in the US before his administration’s 4

July deadline to inoculate 70% of the

country with at least one dose.

The White House has teamed up

with various companies and organizations

to offer free beer, childcare and

outreach to communities with higher

levels of vaccine hesitancy, including

low income and communities of


Some states have upped the ante

themselves in an effort to protect

residents from the pandemic, including

million-dollar cash prizes, and

debt-free education.

Sad to say, Neither Missouri or

Kansas is on the list of State’s delivering

on the vaccine incentives. They

range from money, to free airfare,

money, games consoles, money, guns

(yes guns), money, a rolled marijuana

joint, and did we say money?


Four people who live in Washington

are going to be able to win $250,000

with one extra lucky person winning

$1 million. All four of the State’s

universities will be given $1 million

to carry out their own internal

campaigns to promote vaccinations.

Other prizes include scholarships,

airfare and tech, like games consoles

and speakers.

Washington really made the news

when the announced “Joints for Jabs.”

Regulated weed dispensers can give

away one free ready rolled joint to

those who get a Covid vaccine at their

in-store clinic. Others are labelling it

‘Poke and Toke.’


Ohio’s governor announced five,

weekly $1m lottery drawings. Following

his announcement, the vaccine

rate is reported to have gone up by



Every day from May 25 to July 4,

the state is giving a different winner

$40,000. On Jul 4, the final drawing

is for $2 million.

New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced

“Vax and Scratch” where individuals

who are vaccinated are entered in for

free into a free New York State Lottery

where the prize range from $20 to $5

million. To get their, individuals must

take their vaccination card to any

retailer selling the tickets, which are

usually sold for $20, and claim their

free scratch card.


West Virginia was one of the first

states to offer cash for jabs. Their

first proposal was for a $100 savings

bond aimed at encouraging young

people to get vaccinated. The state’s

new project is another lottery, but the

prizes range from cash, trucks, guns

and scholarships. Goodies and $1m,

will be given out each week until 4

August. The final date will have two

prizes, a jackpot of nearly $1.6m and

another for $580,000.


The Sunshine State is offering over

$15 million dollars in prizes with

their scheme to get more people

vaccinated. Ten residents, aged 12

or over and with at least one vaccine

dose, can win $1.5m. Each Friday, the

state will give away 30 lots of $50,000.

Also from beginning May 27 the

first 2 million California residents to

get fully jabbed with get a $50 gift



Five residents will win $1 million

in a weekly drawing In addition the

state is planning to give out $50,000

scholarship to 25 students who opt to

get the vaccine.


Maine’s reward isn’t much on

cash. Their promotion “Your Shot

to Get Outdoors” program permitted

adults over the age of 18 who had

their first dose to get either a $20 LL

Bean credit or a hunting and fishing

license. It was not popular, with less

than 6,000 people claiming anything

in the qualifying time frame of May

11 -15.


Minnesota’s “Your Shot to Summer”

promotion to get individuals

vaccinated involved prizes such

as tickets to theme parks, fishing

licenses and gift cards.


“Operation Jersey Summer” offers

gift cards, access to state parks and

wine tastings.


Oregon vaccinated residents can

register for a lottery with a $1 million



Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker is buying

everyone who gets vaccinated a round

of beer at a participating bar and


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