Daegiona Wilson, a junior

communications major at

Southwestern College in

Winfield, is the recipient of the 2021

Wichita Professional Communicators

scholarship. The $2,000 scholarship

is awarded to students majoring in

communications fields, including

advertising, digital media, editing,

graphic design, journalism,

marketing, photography, public

relations, public speaking, and more.

From the classroom to the field,

Daegiona has excelled past her peers.

She is an honor-roll student, SGA

Senator, and member of the track


The scholarship will help the

Wichita native cope with the pressures

of finishing her college degree.

“Since I was in high school, I made

a commitment to myself that I want to

leave college debt-free. I understand

that rarely happens for individuals,

however, through hard work I know

it is possible,” said Wilson, who

graduated from Wichita South High


Wilson’s emphasis in Convergent

Journalism, which blends broadcast,

print, photography and web media

coverage across platforms. Her goal is

to expose individuals to opinions and

perspectives that they have not seen


“I am continuously searching for

new ways and opportunities to make

progress towards my

long-term goal, which is to build

connections through communication

and public relations for a

global company or news outlets,

such as ESPN or CNN,” said Wilson.

In addition to the monetary award,

the scholarship includes a oneyear

student membership in WPC

and its affiliated state and national

organizations, Kansas Professional

Communicators, and the National

Federation of Press Women, in

addition to the monetary award.

This summer, Wilson is completing

an internship in the marketing

department of MMC Corp., a

construction firm in Overland Park,

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