The Olathe School Board unanimously voted to terminate Olathe North High School teacher and coach Pete Flood last week after he was accused of using a racial slur toward the only Black player on the school’s baseball team.

The player’s father posted about the incident on Facebook, saying his son had been playing rap music on a speaker during pre-game warmups when Flood told the player that the team doesn’t “play that (racial slur) music.” He said that Flood said that “country and rock” were the only acceptable types of pregame music. The player’s father called for Flood’s termination.

In a statement Flood released following his termination, he said he has never used a racial slur to address anyone. But when he heard the lyrics in the song that included a racial slur, he asked the player to turn the music off, and when the player didn’t, Flood then repeated the lyrics of the song and again asked the student to turn off the music.

“In my opinion, these types of lyrics should never be played in a public venue at a school event,” Flood said in the statement. “I deeply regret that I repeated the N-word aloud; however, I do not regret requesting that a song with such offensive and derogatory language be turned off.”

A statement from Olathe Public Schools said they thoroughly investigated the incident and recommended the Olathe School Board immediately terminate Flood. “In the Olathe Public Schools, our priority is the well-being of all our students. Racist and derogatory statements will never be tolerated. This is not who we are in Olathe,” said the statement from Olathe Public Schools.

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