Amazon Prime’s New Drama ‘Them’ Drags

Viewers Deep into Horror and Racism The scary television show “Them” is raising lots of eyebrows. Since the

show’s premiere on April 9, the horror drama and terrifying anthology on Amazon Prime Video has created a

stunning buzz. Set in 1953, “Them” is about a

Black family that moves to an all- White neighborhood in Los Angeles in Jim Crow times. The Black family’s new home quickly mutates into a place for evil forces. There are also violent acts and racist experiences at the hands of White people that become nightmarish and threaten to destroy the Emory family. The main characters of “Them” are actress Deborah Ayorinde, who plays Lucky Emory; Ashley Thomas, who plays Henry Emory; Shahadi Wright Joseph portrays Ruby Lee Emory, the couple’s teenage daughter; and Melody Hurd is Gracie Emory, the youngest daughter. 

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