Kid Cudi was the musical guest on SNL on April 10, and his attire, a floral custom-made dress, caused a lot of conversation.

Rapper/Actor Kid Cudi has always been a Kurt Cobain fan. He has the late Nirvana rocker tatted on him.  


YouTube video

On SNL, which marked the same week as the 27th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, Cudi saluted him in the same ways Cobain himself used to have folks talking.

Cudi rocked a custom, floor lenght dress by Virgil Abloh of “Off-White” forhis “Sad People” performance. The Nirvana frontman had worn a similar dress on the cover of the Face maga-zine in 1993. it all definitely raised some eyebrows.

Social media went into overdrive with rhetoric about “Black men in dresses attempting to feminize the Black man and eradicate all Black men” and folks just (rudely) laughing at his choices. Cudi seemed to have brushed it off and went into more detail on Twitter about why he chose the dress. And then he announced there’s more where that came from. He’s doing a fashion col-lab with Off-White, and the dress will be included.

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