What You Need to Know About Your Vaccination Card 19

Here’s everything you need to

He about your vaccine record,

why it’s important and how to

keep it safe.



The vaccine card, given after your first

shot and then updated if your vaccine

requires a second one, includes the vac-

cine manufacturer, the dose numbers

and the date and location each was



Getting a new card should be easy

enough. Return to where they were vaccinated or to the organization that was in charge of your vaccination site — possibly your county health department — and

they should be able to provide you a replacement card.

Vaccinations are also tracked by state

health departments, so you can reach

out to your state’s agency to get a re-

placement card, according to the Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention. The

agency lists contact information for the

Immunization Information System in

each state, which tracks vaccinations, on

its website.



Start by taking a picture of it with your

phone, so you’ll have the information

in your photo library and emailing it to

yourself as backup, said Dr. Uchenna

Tkediobi, an assistant professor of

general internal medicine and infectious

diseases at Yale University

Laminating your card will make it

more durable if you’re planning

to carry it around in your wallet,

though there has been some

concern about lamination because

it would prevent information from

future booster shots from being

added. But Dr. Ikediobi said that

this “may be a moot point if new

cards are issued after a booster

shot, as would seem likely.”

 While all of the uses for your vaccination have still not been solidified, it is still important to safeguard it. A good idea is to take a photo of it with your cell phone and store

Completed vaccine cards laminated for in on your phone. As an extra precaution, email yourself copy of the photo.

support a mandatory vaccine requirement for air travel because it “risks discriminating against those markets where vaccines may take longer to become

widely available” or against those “who are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons, or who are unwilling to do sowing to ethical or other concerns.”

Despite that position, LATA. is

developing its own vaccine pass called

Travel Pass, which travelers can use to

share Covid-related health information

with governments or airlines that require

it, Flint said.

Most likely the pass will be used

predominately for international travel.



Yes. Aside from the health benefits of

getting the vaccine, there are also other

perks that come with your vaccine card.

Businesses across the country, from bars

to marijuana dispensaries, have been

offering perks to those with a COVID-19

free at Office Depot and Office- — sage

Max stores nationwide using the code association for the world’s airlines. and summer.

52516714 through July 25 Some destinations and cruise lines have For the moment, airlines are not

Lots of people who he had their started requiring that travelers be fully requiring vaccinations for travel.

cards laminated are finding that the hot

lamination process may make some in-

formation on the cards unreadable. This

may not be true everywhere, so be care-

ful and possibly ask about the amount of

heat used in the lamination process.


In some cases, yes. Border entry

requirements are set by governments,

not by airlines or by the International

Air Transport Association, the trade

vaccinated before they travel. As of March

26, fully vaccinated Americans who can

present proof of vaccination can visit

Iceland, for example, and avoid border

measures such as testing and quarantining, the country’s government said.

The cruise line Royal Caribbean is requiring passengers and crew members 18 or older to be vaccinated in order

to board its ships, as are a number of cruise lines, with most of them planning to restart cruise operations this spring. 

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