The media has moved quickly to connect Noah R. Green, 25,identified as April 2’s Capitol attacker to the Nation of Islam. Based on postings on his Facebook page, Green — who rammed a car into two officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol, killing one of them before he

was shot to death by police — made

several entries about the Nation of Is-

lam in the days leading up to his death.

The Nation of Islam responded

quickly with an official statement

in response to the media’s attempt

to connect Green’s actions to their religion.

“We respectfully say to the

members of the media and to the

American people, Timothy McVeigh

confessed that he was a Christian,

but nobody blames the church for

his misconduct,” read the state-

ment. They went on to make an

even more timely comparison to themedia’s action.

“When thousands of American

citizens engaged in an attempted

insurrection, attacking the U.S.

Capitol on January 6, 2021, result-

ing in the deaths of five persons

and injuring many, the news media

did not question what their religion


They acknowledged that Green may

have attended their Saviours’

that resulted in the senseless loss

of life. it is shocking for us to learn

that someone who was attempt-ing to be a part of our ranks may

have been involved in something

as tragic as this,” the statement


“We are taught ‘to never be the

aggressor in word or in deed,’ for

Allah (God) hates aggression and

is not with the aggressor. This is

our teaching. In fact, all of us who

are members of the Nation of Islam

have been instructed not to carry

any weapons — not so much as a

penknife — not on our persons and

not in our homes. We do not rely on

weapons of war to defend us. We

rely on our belief and our faith in

Allah (God).

“We condemn the

wicked mischaracter-

Day convention in 2020,

made a Saviour’s Day Gift,

and in fall 2020 started the

process to begin his study

to become a member, but

he did not complete the


“Mr. Noah Green’s

alleged use of an auto-

mobile as a weapon and

the alleged possession

of a knife as reported,

violates our teachings. We ization of some media

reports trying to tie this

tragic incident to the

teachings of the Nation

of Islam and the Honor-able Minister Louis Far-rakhan, and all people of good will should do the

Same as well.”

The statement went on to question what

may have driven Green,

an obviously intelligent absolutely disavow this act

young man who had completed college, to “do such an act.”

They noted that his parents had

released a statement saying Green suffered from “depression and potential

mental illness” and on his social

media, Green posted, “I have suffered

multiple home break-ins, food poison-

ing, assaults, unauthorized operations

in the hospital, mind control.”

“lam sure,” Minister Farrakhan

States, “had he been blessed to

come through the crisis that he was

going through, he would have been

a Star in the mission of the resurrection of our people. We need to know what happened to our brother.”

While the message offered sympathy to the families of the “victims of this tragedy,” the statement closed by

offering condolences to the family and

friends of Green, whom they feel was

also a victim.

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