Graduation season is approach which means job search

time has already begun.

Here’s a list of 50 Job Search Tips

for New Grads from the people at It’s a pretty long list, but

we figured, with a list this long, it’s

likely there’s something on it that even

the most informed grad might benefit your area.


1. Consider your job search your new APPLYING

job (for now).

2. Resist the urge to spend your sum each summer relaxing and socializing. 

3. But allow yourself some time to before

decompress after graduation. applying

4. Set goals for the number of jobs 20. Pol-

you apply to daily or weekly. ish your

5. Go after what drives your passion resume.(but be realistic). 

6. Develop a 30-second elevator pitch Prepare for yourself. 

7. Clean up your social media ac- list of counts.


8. Network and utilize your contacts 

9. Check in with old supervisors and coworkers 

10. Attend local business networking

events and job fairs.

11. Consult your school’s alumni

network or career center.

12. Proactively reach out to employers

even if they aren’t hiring.

13. Use multiple job boards

16. Scope out the job market in

17. Determine if relocation is a option.

18. Maintain realistic salary

GETTING STARTED expectations.

19. Research each employer

20. Polish your resume 

21. Prepare your list of references 

22. Don’t batch blast your resume to every company that is hiring 

23. Spend quality time

customizing each application you submit. .

24. Proofread your resume and cover

letter before submitting

25. Follow directions in the employer’s job ad. 

26. Keep tabs on outfits ready.

27. Research possible interview questions in advance 

28. Rehearse your answers/hold a mock interview 

29. Bring a portfolio of work samples

30. Have one or two go-to interview

31. Arrive early.

32. Respond to all communications in Interviewing a timely manner.

33. Follow-up with employers if you

interview questions in don’t have back from them.

34. Send a thank you letter or email

after all interviews.


35. Get organized.

36. Greate daily to-do lists.

37. Volunteer to be a meeting no-


38. Document both short- and long countable don’t make excuses.

39. Ask questions.

40. Listen more than you talk

41.Hold yourself accountable 

42. Treat everyone you meet with


Final Words of Wisdom

43. Don’t be afraid to start from the


44. Strive to learn something new

every day.

45. Stay positive. Job searching can

be frustrating.

46. Keep an open mind.

47. Get enough sleep.

48. Never compare how you’re doing

with anyone else.

49. Learn from all the experiences —

good and bad.

50. Understand that your degree is

not a golden ticket to the workforce,

so be prepared to work hard to find

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