Kansas City Council member Brandon Ellington was charged this week with assault after an alleged confrontation with Freedom Inc. board member Rodney Bland earlier this month.

Freedom Inc. is a Black-led political and civil rights organization aimed at improving the quality of life for African Americans in Kansas City. 

Municipal Court records say Ellington “inflicted bodily injury or cause an unlawful offensive contact” by poking someone in the chest several times, The Kansas City Star reported.

Ellington is scheduled to appear in court April 29.

Bland said Ellington confronted him outside a restaurant in the 18th and Vine Jazz District on March 20.

Bland said he was surprised by the confrontation, during which Ellington physically threatened him. Bland reported the incident to police. He declined to provide further specifics.

Ellington denies the accusations, saying he never physically threatened anyone.

“I plan on engaging the court full fledged to ensure justice is done in all categories,” Ellington said, who is serving his first term as the Third District councilman. He previously served in the Missouri House of Representatives.

“I have not physically threatened to assault anybody, nor did I physically assault anybody,” he said, adding that they will deal with the accusations in court.

“I plan on being as honest and as truthful and fully engaging with the law, the courts,” Ellington said.

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