Protestors gathered at Quindaro Park this morning to form a motorcade to city hall, as a way to bring awareness to the stories of Black and Brown women who experienced abuse and sexual assault at the hands of Kansas City, Kansas Police Department officers.

During the motorcade that was organized by the Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (MORE2), participants joined a conference call featuring speakers who demanded that former KCKPD detective Roger Golubski be indicted and that Mayor David Alvey hold him and other KCKPD officers accountable.

“The legacy Roger Golubski left at the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is not one of honor and respect, but is a legacy which perpetuated a culture of abuse of power that still exists within the department today,” said Trina Crawford, an educator and activist, during the call.

Golubski has been accused of raping and exploiting numerous Black women in Wyandotte County during his 35 years at KCKPD. He is also one of the detectives that investigated the double-homicide that led to Lamonte McIntyre’s wrongful conviction.  McIntyre spent 23 years in prison for being exonerated.  Golubski retired in 2010.

Last year, MORE2 demanded an independent investigation into accusations about Golubski’s abuse of power over women.  In addition, they demanded the creation of a bilingual hotline for victims to report police misconduct.  Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree took the lead on creating such a the hotline, which his department has responsibility for.   

In addition, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation opened a probe into sexual assault and misconduct allegations by Golubski. Although the investigation is still ongoing, so far KBI says they have not uncovered any violations dated recently enough to fall within the Kansas statute of limitations. MORE2 and the victims still demand Golubski’s indictment.

Golubski now faces a civil lawsuit filed by McIntyre and his mother, Rose McIntyre, that accuses Golubski of coercing her into having sex. They also accuse Golubski of using his badge to exploit Black women as a way to secure their testimony and close cases.

During testimony in McIntyre’s civil case, an anonymous KCK woman also accused Golubski of repeatedly raping her more than two decades ago, after telling her he would get her children, who were under investigation at the time, out of legal trouble.

“He threatened to kill me or have me killed if I ever said anything about it,” said an anonymous woman, over Zoom, during the MORE2 event. 

 “He told me no one would ever find out because he worked for the KCKPD,” continued  the woman, who called herself “Survivor X.”

“I’m afraid of having my granddaughters around any police officers because I’m afraid they will do to my granddaughters what Robert Golubski has done to me,” Survivor X said. “Roger Golubski has brutalized countless Black and brown women just like me. It’s not enough for him to be retired from KCKPD and the Unified Government has done nothing about it. Why not?”

MORE2 organizers are asking women who have been victims of KCKPD abuse and sexual assault to come forward and share their stories on the police misconduct hotline: 913-573-8100.

“We know there are many more stories similar to Survivor X and you deserve to be heard. And when you all share your stories, those in government or authority will have to come forward and will not be able to ignore this injustice any longer,” said Crawford. “We speak for the voices that have been silenced.”

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